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Installing Solar Panels in Southern California Since 1982

Benefits of Going Solar

When clients come to us with questions about going solar, one of the most asked questions is, “How is going solar going to benefit to me?”
The benefits are outstanding!

Here are just a few of the benefits of going solar:

  • Saving Money – By going solar, people will be able to save themselves a lot of money. Every month, people have to deal with paying electrical and gas companies to power and heat their home. However, energy from the sun is completely free. Although installing solar systems can be pricy, they are able to pay for themselves over time.
  • Environmental Benefits – When people go solar, they can feel pride that they are helping the entire planet. Electricity and gas use harmful fuels and agents that are dangerous to the world’s atmosphere. Every little bit helps, regardless of what sort of system a client chooses to have installed first.
  • Tax Benefits – The newest Federal Tax Credit for solar energy was passed by Congress. Under the legislation, the 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar will be extended for another 3 years. After this, it will incrementally decrease through 2021 — and then remain at 10% permanently.

About Mohr Power

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Here at Mohr Power Solar, we like to pride ourselves on our legendary track record in the solar industry. We have been providing services for clients across Southern California since 1982. Along with our solar power products, we provide clients with unprecedented craftsmanship, honesty, and a great value.

No, we’re not a jack of all trades. We are a master of one: Solar power.

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Our Legacy

Our legacy is based on our promise to deliver quality equipment and installation with highly trained craftsmanship, integrity, and honesty at fair market value. We also pride ourselves on saving the planet with cost effective solar equipment that reduces world pollution.

We’ve worked with more than 180,000 solar energy systems over the course of many years — and we have a proven track record of delivering what we promise. In fact, we have one of the largest bases of satisfied customers in Southern California.



Our Commitment

Our commitment to clients is to provide the best quality system at the best value possible. Solar power is what we do and it is all we have ever done for over 27 years. Integrity and craftsmanship is our gift to you. We will be there to sell, install, and stand behind all of our products.

We provide the best, most advanced solar products and services available today.


Southern California Solar Power Services

The three main types of services that we are able to provide for our clients are solar electricity, solar pool heating, and solar water heating. Each of these services has its own benefits.

Solar Electricity

For the past 29 years, we have helped hundreds of clients become energy independent and save thousands of dollars in utility bills. Other than a person’s mortgage payment, their highest bill in general throughout the year is their electricity and gas bill. By converting to solar electricity, our clients can save money by no longer having to pay an electrical company to power their home.

Solar Pool Heating

In Southern California, a lot of people have pools, and in order to run their pool, they require a lot of electricity. Our solar pool heating system is designed to help completely eliminate the burning of fossil fuels that standard pool systems require. We are able to install and maintain these systems — and provide a full warranty.

Solar pool heating is also a lot safer than old heating pool systems. Our clients no longer have to worry about corrosive metals, dangerous pilot lights, and volatile fuels.

Solar Water Heating

This service is a great place to start when converting to solar energy services. It is affordable and it allows clients to save a substantial amount of money by getting rid of their gas bill and/or the electricity section used by an electric water heater. By having a Southern California solar domestic hot water heating system installed, our clients have been able to reduce their hot water heating bill by up to 95%.

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