Elegant Entry Holiday Decoration

6 Tips for a Brighter, Mohr Efficient Holiday Season

So, you’ve gone to great pains to decorate your home for the holiday season. Your lights are up, maybe you bought a new feature for the yard.  While it brightens neighborhoods creating a festive spirit, christmas lights come with a heavy price tag. How much does all your decorations really cost? Electricity isn’t free after…

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10 Reasons To Go with Battery Backup

Are you ready for the next power outage? Be the only smart house on the block, when your neighbors are left in the dark. Go with battery backup. Battery Backup provides electricity during power outages – uninterrupted power supply. The need to conserve energy this year is bigger than ever. With the limited availability of natural gas from the Aliso…

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What is Solar Water Heating?

Solar water heaters use energy from the sun to generate heat (not electricity) which is used to heat water for daily needs. The household water heater is THE most used appliance in the home. Hot water is needed for practically everything in our modern lives. By using the heat of the sun, you can do…

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10 Reasons To Go Solar

Solar Energy has amazing benefits for you, your family, the community, and even the world at large. Here are ten of the best reasons to go solar! 1. Say Goodbye to Crazy Electric Bills By going solar, you can greatly reduce or even totally eliminate your monthly electric bill. 2. Become Your Own Power Plant…

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Power Drought In Southern California

Effects from the Aliso Canyon gas leak are just beginning to hit local residents. Due to the blowout last year, the leak spewed toxins into the environment. State agencies report up to 14 days of power outages this summer due to the natural gas leak. California leads the nation in setting goals for increasing production…

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