Extend Your Swimming Season with a Solar Pool Heating System

Solar Pool Heating uses your existing pool pump to direct pool water through a series of valves to your solar collectors (A). Pool water enters the solar collectors at the bottom and rises to the top through the individual tubes of the collector (B).

As the water rises through the collector, it is heated by the sun’s radiant energy. The water is then returned to the pool to repeat the cycle until your pool has been warmed by the sun (C).

Easy as ABC!


Heating an average pool for the swimming season uses about the same amount of energy as most homes require per year. The costs go beyond just monthly heating bills when you consider greenhouse gas emissions involved. A solar pool heater pays for itself quickly.


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The Heliocol warranty is the best! No other manufacturer offers this kind of protection. Our 12-year Limited Warranty is the longest and most comprehensive in the industry.

You can have peace-of-mind know you are covered.

Unique Design

The Heliocol collector’s unique design virtually eliminates wind load and is certified to withstand hurricane-force winds. The individual tubes enables the roof to “breathe”, preventing moisture from being trapped under the collector.

Each Tube has the ability to expand and contract independently, eliminating cracks and leaks due to wear and tear from thermal expansion and contraction.

Single Piece Construction

Heliocol collectors are manufactured using a patented “over-molding” process, whereby the headers and risers become on piece of plastic.

This single-piece construction makes Heliocol Collectors rugged and durable; there are no seams or welds between the header and riser that can crack with age or stress.

This patented design enables Heliocol collectors to withstand very high temperatures and burst pressures.

Flush Mounting

Heliocol is installed with no gaps between collectors, minimizing installation hardware, making Heliocol installation a simple, sleek and aesthetically pleasing looking system.

“Mohr Power came to service a pool system that had been installed by the previous owners. After checking out the horrible state it was in, I replaced it with a Heliocol system. I love it! Works great and the installers were off the roof before I knew it.. My family loves swimming in spring!”

John & Lynda B. of Riverside

Whether you are interested in making your pool more environmentally friendly, or creating a more enjoyable space for your family, our eco-friendly pool and spa products have what you are looking for.

Mohr Power Solar for the last 33 years has given people their energy independence by installing Solar Pool Heating Systems, Solar Electricity Systems, and Solar Hot Water Systems.

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“Our commitment to you is to provide the best quality system at the best value possible. Solar power is what we do and it is all we have ever done for over 33 years. Integrity and craftsmanship is our gift to you. ”

– Founder & Owner Mike Mohr


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