Heat Your Water With The Sun

Solar Energy is the first step to a brighter future. Heat your water with sun.


Solar Hot Water Heating, benefits you and the environment.

Enjoy hot water powered by the sun and even hotter savings with a huge rebate from SoCal Gas Company.



  • Free Energy From the Sun
  • Reduce Your Gas Bill = smaller utility bills
  • Designed to handle harsh conditions = system for any climate
  • No moving parts, durable, proven technology = 30 Year Life, 10 Year Warrenty
  • Replacing an electric water heating will displace 25 tons of CO2 emissions over a 10 year period.

Mohr Power Solar is dedicated to helping homeowners save money by providing clean, cost-effective solar hot water systems, produced by one of the world’s largest solar manufacturers with more than 30 years of continuing technological and warranty excellence.